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Having in mind that “information is the key to success” we search for, gather and analyse information concerning the rights of competitors, alternative solutions, we also keep track of trends for specific products.

The searches may involve various territories, e.g. Poland, the European Union, they may even be worldwide. In our search we use various databases, both official and private.

Apart from standard options, e.g. search of prior art for specific solutions (inventions, utility models, industrial designs), protectability of trade marks (including the comparison of selected prior marks with the one applied for) in Poland, the EU and in the world, we conduct search by name and hybrid search, adapting the scope of search to the Customer's purposes and needs. We assess projects taking into account previous rights.

We thoroughly search for any potential conflict between trade marks in the majority of European states. We also browse the Internet or publications for potential trade mark infringement or, for the purposes of dispute proceedings, any evidence of using trade marks. We analyse the conflicts between trade marks and names of enterprises and other signs etc. Moreover, we assist in defining or specifying the scope of search.

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